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Braintree, Essex, England


Latitude: 51.8774757, Longitude: 0.5484436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyton, Beatrice  1878Braintree, Essex, England I309
2 Boyton, Bertie  1881 Spt qtrBraintree, Essex, England I64
3 Boyton, David  1823Braintree, Essex, England I72
4 Boyton, David  23 Sep 1871Braintree, Essex, England I288
5 Boyton, Emma E  1866Braintree, Essex, England I303
6 Boyton, Fanny  1877Braintree, Essex, England I308
7 Boyton, Florence K  1865Braintree, Essex, England I302
8 Boyton, Harry  1874Braintree, Essex, England I305
9 Boyton, Hettie  1876Braintree, Essex, England I307
10 Boyton, Jessie  26 Oct 1900Braintree, Essex, England I1601
11 Boyton, Jinnie  1885 Dec qtrBraintree, Essex, England I28
12 Boyton, Minnie Ethel  1883 Mar qtrBraintree, Essex, England I27
13 Boyton, Minnie Florence  Jan 1881Braintree, Essex, England I70
14 Boyton, Rupert  1880Braintree, Essex, England I310
15 Driver, Cyril Harry  1899Braintree, Essex, England I1605
16 Lindsell, Ada  1878 Jun qtrBraintree, Essex, England I902
17 Lindsell, Angelina  1880 Dec qtrBraintree, Essex, England I903
18 Lindsell, Charles  Abt 1869Braintree, Essex, England I893
19 Lindsell, Emma  Abt 1849Braintree, Essex, England I789
20 Lindsell, Ernest  Abt 1870Braintree, Essex, England I895
21 Lindsell, George  1845 Sep qtrBraintree, Essex, England I788
22 Lindsell, Hannah M  Abt 1850Braintree, Essex, England I790
23 Lindsell, Harriett  1 Sep 1846Braintree, Essex, England I301
24 Lindsell, Harry  Abt 1870Braintree, Essex, England I894
25 Lindsell, Isabella  1874 Jun qtrBraintree, Essex, England I899
26 Lindsell, John  1871Braintree, Essex, England I896
27 Lindsell, Kate  1875 Sep qtrBraintree, Essex, England I900
28 Lindsell, Margaret  Abt 1860Braintree, Essex, England I792
29 Lindsell, Minnie  1876 Dec qtrBraintree, Essex, England I901
30 Lindsell, Thomas  Abt 1843Braintree, Essex, England I800
31 Lindsell, William  Abt 1821Braintree, Essex, England I149
32 Lindsell, William  Abt 1857Braintree, Essex, England I791
33 Rolands, George  1863Braintree, Essex, England I21


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boyton, George Henry  1921Braintree, Essex, England I1602
2 Boyton, Minnie Florence  1881 Sept qtrBraintree, Essex, England I70
3 French, Jane  14 Apr 1867Braintree, Essex, England I787


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boyton / Lindsell  17 Nov 1864Braintree, Essex, England F25
2 Lindsell / French  17 Nov 1842Braintree, Essex, England F84
3 Moore / Boyton  26 Dec 1925Braintree, Essex, England F500
4 Rolands / Boyton  1885 Dec qtrBraintree, Essex, England F23