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Household at 146 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London
from British Census - 1911

 ID   Last Name   First Name   Relation
to head
 Sex   Condition   Age   Occupation   Where Born 
I1679PieskeHerrmanheadMaleMarried26Journeyman Tailor Trousers MakerNeustitin, Germany
I82PieskeMarthawifeFemaleMarried27Marylebone, London, England
I1680PieskeMarydaughterFemaleSingle3Acton, London, England
I1681PieskeHerrmansonMaleSingle21mActon, London, England
PieskeFrisybrotherMaleSingle23Barber JourneymanNeustitin, Germany
NewmanMaryvisitorFemaleSingle29Tailoress Trousers onlyChelsea, London, England