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Boyton Family

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Witham Golden Wedding

Newspaper Account of David Boyton and his wife Harriet

Extract from the Suffolk Chronicle and Mercury, Nov. 21, 1913

? Witham Golden Wedding

Mr and Mrs BOYTON

Mr D. Boyton, fruiterer and fish merchant, aged 70 and Mrs Boyton, aged 68, celebrated their golden wedding at their home in Maldon Road, Witham, on Monday, in company with as many as possible of their respective relations. Both look hale and hearty. Mr and Mrs Boyton were married at Braintree Church in 1863, and have been the proud parents of fourteen children, seven boys and seven girls, all born and christened at Braintree; eleven are now living. They have 48 grandchildren and six great grandchildren, all living.

Mr Boyton?s jovial face is to be seen every Wednesday and Friday at Braintree and Chelmsford markets, which he has attended for over 50 years, for the sale of his home-made rock, having been a sugar boiler for the past 55 years. He has been a member of the Ancient order of Druids for 50 years. Mr Boyton was a pioneer and champion of the fried fish trade. In his early days he was summoned by the Braintree Local Board for carrying on an obnoxious trade, and fined 6d., subject to appeal at Quarter Sessions. He appealed, and the conviction was quashed, with costs. The case was then taken to the Queen?s Bench before Justices Day and Smith, who upheld the decision in favour of Mr Boyton. Upon this result rested the whole future of the fried fish trade in England, and to Mr Boyton is due the credit and pluck of fighting what he considered a just cause. The ratepayers of Braintree were mulcted ?270 in costs, whilst Mr Boyton?s reached ?70. A collection was gathered among his friends at Billingsgate Market, amounting to ?87 13s., but unfortunately the holder of the cash bolted, and from that day to this has never been traced. After the Queen?s Bench decision Mr Boyton was accorded a right royal reception at Braintree, a band playing and church bells ringing.

When Mr Boyton was resident at Bury St Edmunds in 1894, the same question of an obnoxious trade was raised by a resident. A member of the Council was appointed to inspect the premises. This was done, and again Mr Boyton came out on top; and the matter dropped.?

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