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Argus Newspaper 1953

Mentions Thomas Scott Townshend as a man of status

The Argus 17 November 1953 page 17

The Crossing Place

BEAUTIFUL, practical, go-ahead Albury, gateway between New  South Wales and Victoria,

Like many inland cities, Albury began its existence because its site was, for many miles, the best river crossing place for overlanders.

Hume and Hovell had crossed there in 1824, and, 12 years later, an overlander named Robert Brown went no farther, but started a store, a hotel and a ferry. That was only two years after Melbourne's founding.The place was then simply known as "the Crossing Place," or, by some, as the aboriginal Yarra-Wuddah. It was not called Albury until 1838, when Surveyor Thomas.Scott Townshend named it after his home town in Surrey

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